How To Make Idli Recipe With Idli Rava Recipe (Using Pro Tips)

Making soft idli with idli rava or rice rava in a mixer grinder provides a convenient alternative to the traditional method. While it may not mimic the exact texture of traditional idli, you need to know that this approach is perfect for busy days or when you want to streamline the cooking process. Idli Recipe With Idli Rava Recipe You can significantly reduce the preparation time and effort, making it an ideal option for those moments when you want idli but lack the time or energy to use a wet grinder. Is. Is. We all know that despite the differences, the result is still delicious and satisfying, all you need to know is that you can enjoy this beloved South Indian dish with minimal hassle.

For idli lovers, experimenting with different idli recipes can be a delightful adventure. Be it exploring variety in ingredients, taste, or presentation, let me tell you that there is always room to innovate and find new ways to enjoy this versatile dish. Let me tell you that by embracing the simplicity and convenience of using idli rava in the mixer grinder, you need to know that it open up opportunities to incorporate idli into your daily routine more seamlessly. So, the next time you feel like having idli but are short on time or inspiration, consider trying this quick and easy method for a satisfying culinary experience that doesn’t compromise on taste or quality.

Idli Recipe With Idli Rava Recipe

Ingredients To Make Idli Recipe With Idli Rava Recipe:

  1. 1/2 cup whole urad dal
  2. 1 teaspoon fenugreek seeds
  3. 1 1/2 cups Rava idli
  4. Salt as per taste

Preparation To Make Idli Recipe With Idli Rava Recipe:

To make this, first, soak 1/2 cup whole urad dal and one spoon of fenugreek seeds for about 5 to 6 hours. you need to know this
After soaking for 4 hours, transfer the mixture to the refrigerator and let it sit for an additional 1 to 2 hours. Meanwhile, the most important thing is to soak 1 1/2 cups of idli rava, also known as rice rava, in water for about 2 hours.

Let us tell you that this initial stage of preparation is important to get the right texture and taste in idli. By allowing the lentils and fenugreek seeds to soak adequately, you ensure that they become soft and thoroughly mixed during the grinding process. Similarly, soaking idli rava helps to hydrate it, resulting in soft and fluffy idlis when cooked. Let me tell you that these simple but essential steps lay the foundation for delicious homemade idlis that will definitely impress your family and friends.

Method To Make Idli Recipe With Idli Rava Recipe:

  • The most important thing is that after letting the urad dal soak for 5-6 hours, it is time to grind it and make a puffed solution. All you need to know is to make sure to add the cold water slowly to get the right consistency. Avoid running the mixer continuously to avoid overheating. Instead, I want to ask you to use the whipper button for a few seconds at the end for that extra shine.
  • When urad dal is finely ground, take it out in a bowl. Now it is the turn to make Idli Rava. Before adding urad dal to the batter, squeeze out excess water from it.
  • Let us tell you that do not forget to add the required amount of salt to the batter and mix everything well. The consistency of the batter should be just right, neither too thick nor too thin. All you need to know is to adjust the water accordingly until you get the right consistency of idli batter.
  • This careful process ensures that your idlis turn out soft and fluffy every time. So, take your time and pay attention to details for delicious results.

Steaming Idli Rava Recipe:

Prepare idli steamer with boiling water. Next, grease the idli mold thoroughly with oil, ensuring that each cavity is well coated. Let me tell you to carefully pour a ladle of fermented batter into each mold.

Steam the idli for about 15 minutes or until completely cooked. To check doneness, lightly touch the surface of the idli with wet fingers; If they stick, continue cooking for a few more minutes. All you need to know is that alternatively, let me tell you that insert a toothpick in the middle of the idli; If it comes out clean, they’re ready.

Once cooked, turn off the flame and leave the idli for 5 minutes before removing it from the mold. To prevent the idli from sticking, dip a spoon in water before taking it out.

Serve freshly boiled idli hot with your favorite chutney or sambar for a delicious meal. All you need to know is that apart from that, refrigerate any leftover batter for up to a week, or use it to make crispy dosas for another meal.

Important Note For Idli Rava Recipe:

Getting perfect idli depends on the consistency of the batter. You will find them very thick, and they will be as hard as rocks; Too watery, and you’ll get flat, thin idlis. Let me tell you that mix the batter well with your hands to introduce air while aiding fermentation. Fermentation time varies according to climate: hot weather speeds it up, while cold weather slows it down – aim for 6-7 hours or overnight. You need to know that soft idlis can be made only from the well-fermented batter. Let me tell you, pay attention to these details, and your idli will always be delicious.

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Why is rava idli not fluffy?

Rava idli is fluffy due to its rough texture, which prevents proper fermentation and air inclusion. We all know that inadequate rest time and improper steaming can also contribute to its density.

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